Time flies and people die’s

700 crores people all over the world. All are working for improvement their condition since morning to night. How much are they enjoy the lifetime? Doing many thing for their betterment…

Wake up early in the morning then being prepared themselves for the workplace. Work work and work… Why are we working too much? Make money. The whole life has passed to cherishing a good life with enjoyment. But how much have we got the opportunity?

After 50-55 years age, we will looking around and will find nothing. Afterwards we will pass away one day. So the whole life is a lie,we do not have any need to be strict to maintain.. Just do the work which you are responsible for. Do good and be immortal forever.

World get back itself with It’s beauty by Corona

The world has seen the ultimate situation of attacking aggression by covid-19. Though it is very critical for human being at this moment, very struggling time which we have passed.

On the other hand, looking at the nature. Nature has decorated itself it’s own way and very nicely. It is getting back It’s beauty which had lost for the unconscious people. Nature always tries to give something better to It’s people, But we don’t understand ever.

Consciousness of the government of different country to avoid any kind of entrants of the people is just wondering environmentalists. Decreasing the pollution of water,air and the whole environment is just wondering.

So, we have passed a rough time but it would be great for the nature. If the people can understand how much they have tortured to the environment and they will change themselves it will be great for the world. At the end of line, it may be called, “World get back itself with it’s beauty by Corona”.☺